Thursday, April 15, 2010

Diamond Dawgs Down in the Ruff

Read carefully. Cuz you likely haven't ever before or won't ever again read (I hope...pray!) these words from my keyboard: I'm so glad I couldn't make it over to Athens last night.

The nerds pounded Perno's Dawgs, relentlessly. I won't post the final score, because you either have already fallen witness to it or you are among the lucky few.

After losing by just one run a few weeks ago in Atlanta, there was at least some measure of hope heading into last night's matchup with the #5 yellow jackets. Now...there's little to none for the Tuesday April 27th rematch at Turner Field.

As the season swirls closer and closer to the bottom of the bowl, it becomes clearer that this season is now about development for a young group of players. As well as changes that may need to be made.

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