Saturday, April 10, 2010

G-Day: Questions and Answers

A couple of questions I'm pondering as I head up 316 today as well as a few answers that may or may not emerge from the scrimmage.

Why am I going to G-Day?

  • Like many I'm curious to see the new defense and how it's progressing. I don't watch a lot of pro football, but I've seen enough to know this scheme brings a lot of possibilities to Sanford. If I see a few sacks and a pick or two I might storm the field at the end. Who's with me?
  • Although Joe Cox did little to WOW! the fanbase, his replacement is much discussed in and around campus so I'm looking forward to seeing all three candidates. I feel like I have a fairly good idea of what Murray brings to the huddle after last April's G-Day, but I'm anxious to see Mett's progress firsthand. He's evidently been Bobo's pet project and there is reason to believe the kid could be ready to play. And if Gray keeps his nose in the hunt with some solid numbers...well, it's gonna be an interesting few months ahead.
  • It's in Athens. Duh! I rarely need an excuse to go back home, but when there's a football game (albeit a scrimmage) it's an even easier call.
  • O-Line finished the drill strong last season and I'm anxious to see them pick up where they left off.
What would make this G-Day a success?
  • No (more) injuries. That's a no-brainer of course. We have some positions that can ill afford any more green jerseys or attrition, notably OLB, WR and even QB...although if we have an injury under center today something freaky probably happened.
  • Agressive play in the secondary. Like you, I've read about the impact of Lakatos in the secondary. So I'm not only expecting to see DBs actually turn and find the ball when it's in the air, but also force the WRs off their routes and even pick a pass or two.
  • Confidence from the QBs. I doubt we have a clear starter come Sunday morning, but I would love to see all three act like they'd been there before.
  • An opportunity to tip my cap to Faloughi when he records his first tackle as a full scholarship player. GATA Reuben!! 
  • A Marlin Brown to merge form his grandmother's shadow.
  • If you're going as well, remember to bring some cans.
  • I was gonna live blog, but I wouldn't feel right stealing Hale's thunder...
  • Also remember to catch some baseball afterwards at Foley. Chance Veazey will throw out the first pitch.
  • If it's your first G-Day, there are some notable differences between what you'll see today and what you're used to seeing...which Hale casually points out.
  • Letterman's game precedes actual scrimmage, so get there early.
  • And if you're watching at home, look for me. I'll be the guy storming the field to bear hug Coach Grantham afterwards. Just hope the wife bails me out before September.
And one last thing that deserves it's own paragraph as opposed to a bullet. If you are there today, how about we give Dontavious Jackson a well deserved round of applause for being the peacemaker two weekends ago in that infamous taxi ride. It's only fair that these kids get some props when they're in order after getting smeared unjustly.

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