Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Gray Area

I'm not gonna pretend to know any more than you do. Afterall, this all started with a couple of blowhards who evidently get paid to pretend to know more than us. As of right now, the only thing that's definite is that neither Chuck Oliver nor John Kincade were right when they stirred the pot this weekend and yesterday afternoon.

And more power to him. He's in a tough spot of:
  • having eligibility left
  • being at a school where he wants to be
  • but being behind a RS Freshman who was just named the 1st string out of spring ball
Of course, I'd be upset if Gray left. We all would. Whether you dislike what he's done so far on the field, resent him for not completing more passes on April 10th or resent the coaches for not preparing him better. 


For Gray to leave Athens would leave us all feeling very exposed. I won't go into all the reasons why, they're too numerous and I'm still hoping the point will be moot. And while I applaud the guy for weighing his options and wanting a better opportunity for himself...I just can't help but believe that very opportunity is 'tween the hedges.

The good news is that he gave his coaches an opportunity to change his mind. The bad news is he likely went into that meeting yesterday morning upset with one or more of them. I hope he tuned in. I hope he heard stories of DJ Shockley waiting patiently and eventually taking his team to the confetti littered floor of the GA Dome. I'm more than confident in saying that Coach Richt shared his personal story of being a backup. It's probably a tune Logan's heard before.

Hearing it another time sure wouldn't hurt. And in my mind, neither would hanging around and proving that the coaches made a mistake in the spring depth chart.

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