Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A History Lesson for Mett

I hope you've read some of Patrick Garbin's books. If you're not aware of the name, he has three books on Georgia football: The 50 Greatest Plays in Georgia Football History, About Them Dawgs! and Then Vince Said to Herschel. I can personally vouch for the first two.. The last is in this summer's queue. If you're not familiar with his formal writing, I hope you have picked up on his blog from time to time. You can always find it over there under Daily Dawg Clicks.

After yesterday's brouhaha over the Team Mett Facebook page, I was strolling around the blawgosphere looking for different insights, most notably on moving forward from where we are. I didn't click far before I had all I needed.

Mettenberger Can Learn a Lesson From Another Ex-Georgia QB is a great perspective for both the Dawg fans who are (at least) ankle deep in Remerton Rumors and the estranged Zach Mettenberger himself. I was just knee high to Herschel when Tony Flanagan was a two sport star in Athens. In truth, I barely remembered the name.

But Garbin takes a thread from our own Dawg history and weaves it into the current drama unfolding both inside and outside of Butts-Mehre. The effect is calming, it provides perspective. Most of all it instills hope. Two vastly different persons, both former QBs at The University of Georgia, separated by three decades, yet bound together by poor choices as student athletes.

I have no doubt that this too shall pass. Fans will move on. And I have no doubt that should this post by Mr. Garbin reach Mett's computer screen he will have a framework to put together as great a future as Tony Flanagan.

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