Monday, April 26, 2010

In Defense of Myron Rolle

This is a crappy I apologize up front. But I tried to make a comment on this piece by Tony Barnhart earlier and they refused to take it. I can't control the AllJackCrap Quality Control (I'll wait for you to stop laughing...)...but I can damn sure post it on my little space of the intertubes.

Barnhart was making a valid point on the NFL drafting for character. I simply wanted to point out that although his points were entrenched in truth, he missed one very important counter point.
Very good points Tony. But if true, Myron Rolle would not have fallen to the late 6th round. Sure he hasn't played football during the year he was in Oxford as a Rhodes scholar. But the truth is that Rolle is EXACTLY the player EVERY NFL team needs in their locker room.
That may be paraphrased some since the original is lost in space somewhere. But you get my point.

(cue overly dramatic music) 

Take that AJC!!! Truth always prevails!!

(end overly dramatic music)

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Dawgfan17 said...

Great point, with everyone that I have talked to about the draft the first person I have mentioned as being the possible steal of the draft was Rolle. He has tremedous upside and other than resting his body for a year no real downside. It would not shock me to see him starting for the Titans at some point this season, maybe even in game 1.