Saturday, April 17, 2010

Is Lil' Dooley's Honeymoon Over Already?

If things were bordering on absurd while KiffyBaby took up a residence in Knutsville, they're just plain wacky under new coach Derek Dooley.

First he closes a scrimmage and charges any media members $50 if they want to watch. From what I've read this is unprecedented and the voWel media is grumbling pretty loud. Granted the scrimmage was being used as a coaches clinic, and their fee was $50. Still, that's a fine line for a first year coach at a big time program.

As Climer of the Tennessean said:
When you're running a nine-figure athletics department, I guess you've got to find new revenue streams anywhere you can.
And now news that Lil Dooley has turned his first spring game into a FANTASY FOOTBALL EXTRAVAGANZA!! In short, he's chosen not to coach in it and let the seniors draft their own teams. 

In truth, I guess that sounds an equitable way to divvy up teams. I just can't help but wonder how brand spanking new QBs Simms and Bray feel about having to turn to media or university celebrity for guidance.

Then again, they don't call it Knutsville for nuttin'.


MikeInValdosta said...

I still think Pat Haden and Brent Musburger were the best celeb coaches evah!

Anonymous said...

Good. I hope he continues to do stupid stuff. Plant the seed of doubt and watch it grow!