Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday's Margarita - Live from St. Augustine!!

Actually, not quite to the United States' oldest port yet...HEY!!! PICK A LANE DUMBASS!!! Cover your ears girls, sorry...

But we're getting there. You might think I'd be worried about going to a place the Ol' Ball Coach and St. Timmy call home. But so do Cris Carpenter and Ray Charles, so I believe I'll be alright.

But since there's much packing, pit stops and potholes to get too, let's get right to the ingredients. Just remember the breath mints before you go back to that report. Hate for the the boss to catch you with tequila breath.

Mix em up! Salt or no salt?
  • Admit it. Saturday night when Coach Huggins leaned over Da'Sean Butler after the too thought he had mis-understood the extent of the injury and was gonna give the kid mouth to mouth. As I screamed NO!!! It's his kneeeee... NO!!!! I still could not look away.
  • In all seriousness, that was a great moment in what has been a great tournament. Go Dogs (not Dawgs)
  • Pete Thamel has a great story about Butler's coach Brad Stevens, who like me believes you can never go wrong with a grilled cheese sandwich.
  • With the recent news (and non-news) of players in trouble, Dean Legge outlines why such news is even less appealing to the media.
  • From the hardcourt to the gridiron, Chris Low visits the Chizik and finds AwwBarn all abuzz.
  • I took a peek out in Boulder over the weekend and found them drooling over this Lobato kid, but not sure where he'll line up. If he does line up at receiver, we'll need a strong DB on him, he's 6'5".
  • Also looks like the QB battle there will linger into the fall.
  • Speaking of QB battles, Saturday's scrimmage produced some even numbers between Murray, Mett and Gray
  • John Shearer of the Chattanoogan remembers Easter Sunday 30 years ago when Herschel finally flipped that quarter (h/t Daugman.).
  • When he was announced as the new LBs coach, Coach Warren Belin seemed a solid hire with a great track record for not just producing results but getting his players to clear their own bar so to speak. Now as we head to the finish line of spring drills, he seems a homerun. UGA Nation emphatically agrees.
  • A lot is being made of the team's absorption of the 3-4 defense and even Hale is trying to get his brain power around the one-gap technique. But after reading this, it's safe to say Dawg fans are at the top end of the learning curve compared to the nerds. I mean what self-respecting Bulldog born and Bulldog bred football fan doesn't know what a Sam and a Will is?
  • Lastly, on Saturday I explored the idea that the family of networks and Erin Andrews herself needed to at least reassess their role in the recent stalkings and pesky death threats. Turns out the sideline dancer is up for a new contract

That should about do it for today Reader. I apologize if it's short. But if nothing else it should get you used to what promises to be a light week. Between the vacay, G-Day and a trip to Augusta National...there could be fewer words to read around here.

And when you stop jumping for joy, please pour me another round. Thanks!



Gov Milledge said...

I can personally attest to Brad Stevens being a classy individual. I actually grew up 2 doors down from him when we lived in Indiana, and him and his family are great people. I remember walking outside at 8-9 o'clock at night in the summer and seeing his floodlight on and him shooting away at the basket when he was in high school.

Ollllddude said...

St. Augustine is also my birthplace, fwiw. The house at 404 Old Quarry Road (with 5 acres that are no longer part of the property) belonged to my grandfather. They used it in some movie that Rob Lowe was in. Just in case you want something besides The Old Jail to look at. :)

Bernie said...

Thanks MT. I've really enjoyed watching him coach the last couple of weeks. Would absolutely LOVE to see Butler pull the upset. (And in case you weren't already aware...Exile has been at the Final Four this weekend. His wife is a former Bulldog (not Dawg) track star.

Ollllddude If we end up near there I'll snap a pic for ya. The wife runs a tight agenda on sight-seeing days, but she also thinks Rob Lowe is a cutie pie.

Whatever the hell that is.