Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday's Meatloaf - From Glory, Glory to Bus Fare

Wow. What a difference a week makes huh?

Last meatloaf had a heavy ladle of Mett gravy. In the post-GDay glory we suddenly had a QB competition. The kid from Oconee had thrilled, been as sharp as could be on short, intermediate and deep throws. He still couldn't be the starter, but it at least seemed possible that Gray could provide some depth at WR while Mett pushed Murray.

Now...well...we still have Murray. Instead of awarding Zach Mettenberger his share of snaps in August, we're making sure he has the bus fare to wherever his next stop is. And probably the one thing we can be sure of is that this kid will land on his feet. He's got an all-star arm and the difference in his foot work and pocket poise between last year and this year is like night and day. He's got Bobo to thank for that.

And hopefully in the years to come, Zach Mettenbeger will also be able to thank Coach Richt for helping him learn a valuable life lesson.

Today's Ingredients
  • The timing of news like this Mett thing is never good. But this time it's also especially odd. Despite the press releases to the contrary, can't help but think something else surfaced that forced Coach Richt's hand.
  • And I have to admit, the conspiracy theorist in me had these same thoughts running through the synapses yesterday afternoon. It was a peculiar GDay all around, and as Noops says - it started with the odd QB rotation.
  • That being said, from my seat Mett played as cool as a cucumber so I'll leave it at that. At least until the next random thought hits my brain. You know, like this one...
  • Did you hear Jonathan Dwyer bought a handful of crank from Reuben Houston at a World of Warcraft allnighter and swallowed them behind a couple shots of Mountain Dew? At least that's how I read this one.
  • Doubt it will affect Dwyer's draft status. But while we're talking about enemy players and the draft, I think Buffalo would be a great destination for St. Timmy...assuming there's not a team in east Siberia.
  • Both AwwBarn and Bammer's spring game was Saturday. Scarbinsky compares the two events, in a way.
  • From the other end of the bus trip Mett is now know the age old story of the high profile recruit that strays, gets kicked off campus, resurfaces at another only to turn his life around? I submit to you Newton as a WarTiger and Nu'Keese as a Pirate.
  • Speaking of Hampton University, looks like Michael Vick has given up training dogs and now is ready to train young 8 year olds how to play behind the center as a running back.
  • As we head into the longest stretch of football's off-season, Mike is pensive...and still has his eyes on the prize
  • Chad Simmons chronicles the commitment ($$) of Devin Bowman, which came over the weekend.
  • Andrea Griffeth of the ABH has the first of a three part series on Larry Munson up. Go over and get the picture.
  • Hale says after the summer workouts there can't be any defensive regression.
  • Weiszer has a great piece on the relationship between scooters and the UGA athlete. In the wake of Chance Veazey's horrendous accident, it's nice to see the Athletic Administration is taking precautions. I hope and pray every athlete is listening.
  • It's not that other schools can't ride horses, it's just that UGAs team is a little more Hi-O Silver!! and they're a lot more like circus acts. Congrats to the Equestrian team on yet another national championship
  • And another trophy is returning with the men's golf team from St. Simons as they won the SEC for the seventh time in Haack's 14 year career.
  • If you like watching old videos of college football games and/or evaluating X's and O's...this is a pretty good read/watch from Smart Football, looking at the evolution of spread offenses.
  • A Prez Adams follow up - a couple weeks ago I labeled the carpetbagger's flirtatiousness with the NCAA a lethal cocktail. This piece follows up with Bob Ryan who was the initial pot stirrer. (h/t Mrs. Bernie)
  • If Boise State really wants to be taken as serious as their soon to be top ranking, they gotta come up with bigger stories than the replacement of their smurf turf.

If I asked for a show of hands as to who among us had once had to eat their own words this would suddenly look like a Justin Bieber concert (well...without all the dried zit cream and training bras). You just can't go through life without it kicking you in the ass at least a couple of times. 

So...remember this??...
"Last year I was around a lot, and the leadership wasn't too great last year. I've been here three weeks and I can already tell that the leadership and the seniors, they want to win a championship again. They want an SEC championship. They want a spot to play for the national title. So far, the leadership has been outstanding in my opinion."
Yup. That's Mett in January '09 discussing what he'd seen so far that had surprised him. I remember reading that and being shocked. Shocked that a new kid would say them and shocked that the words must be true.

But it didn't compare to how shocked I was yesterday around 5pm when I heard the news that Mett was booted. The local kid who had been moderately recruited and had jumped for joy in a Wal-Mart when Richt had delivered the news over the phone. The kid who's mother parks next to his coaches. The kid who wowed us 'tween the hedges last week.


And so is another plate Reader. Come back for seconds now ya hear?


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