Wednesday, April 21, 2010

NFL Draft - Dawg Preview

Regular readers know I'm not much for pro sports. But there's something about the NFL draft that always intrigues me. I tune in to see where that year's breed of Dawgs go, but I get hooked by the intriguing subplots. The trades, the board room decisions...the drunk Jet fans.

Last year was particularly intense for us with Matt Stafford going #1 and Knowshon going a short while later. And that's all well and good. But I'm always more interested in the Dawgs that go later. You know, the kids we've been following for 3+ years that maybe don't have 1st round skill, talent or size..but they're all Dawg.

This year we have a lot of those, ones that will go in the later rounds. And I couldn't be pulling harder. I mentioned the other day how much I've enjoyed following Mike Moore on Twitter. That kid's been working hard since we left him in Shreveport, trust me. Rennie's new to Twitter, but can you imagine the treat some loud mouth NFL RB is gonna get this summer when Rennie introduces himself to his new training camp?

I presumed you'd enjoy some links. So I gathered a handful below. It's easy to find some knowitall who wants to tell everybody how they think the first round will play out. So I tried to find some more obscure readings that include our Dawgs as well as other stories of interest. If you've found one I missed, please include it in the comments.
So remember that this year the NFL is presenting their draft differently. It's starts tomorrow night and goes into the weekend.

And since the new NFL schedule has been released, it's a good time to look up a ticket broker and check into some football tickets to see our newest Dawg legends, wherever they end up.

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