Tuesday, April 27, 2010

No Real Surprise - Gaytor Hernandez is this year's FU ganja mon

In what has become the newest, hippest sideshow to the NFL Draft, Aaron Hernandez is the 2010 version of Percy Harvey (Go Gaytuh!). Last year, Corch's lethal threat only slipped a few notches on the overall draft board. This year, Hernandez plummeted to the fourth round.

And were it not for a pat on the back and a promise of an endless supply of 2XL/XG gray Gayturd sweats, the former Tebow Target would've fallen even lower.
"He had multiple positive tests, so he either had issues or he's dumb," one longtime NFL executive told the Globe. "One or two tests? Fine. But four, five, six? Come on, now you've got an addiction. He's not a bad kid. He just has an issue.''
Stay classy reptiles. The bar's set even higher for next year.

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RedCrake said...

That's nothing. We have kids in Athens (college students no less) that like to drink beer!!! What's that about?