Saturday, April 24, 2010

Shaking the Expansion Tree

I've read a lot on the impending expansion and subsequent contractions of NCAA football. Whether it happens or not, only time will tell. Meanwhile, in the SEC things can take a wait and see approach. The SEC is in a position of strength. The conference certainly doesn't need to expand, unless the right perfect opportunity arose.

That's why this reading over at TeamSpeedKills made perfect sense to me. Texas is the plump peach on the NCAA football tree. But it's not just a matter of choosing, then picking.

I'd love to speculate about the idea of Clempson joining the SEC...offering FSU...Miami. But in the end I think the SEC stays put. And it's not just a matter of refusing to fix what ain't broke. It's also a matter of not making a move just because others are.

Afterall, in '92 expansion worked for the SEC. When the Big Eight followed suit, they also did well. But the ACC a few years back...not so much.

It just smells to me like something that's unnecessary. I doubt Slive even shakes the tree.

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