Friday, April 2, 2010

Taxi Cab Confessions

If there's one thing the Dawg Nation hates it's a cloud of doubt over Butts-Mehre.

Coach Richt says he's aware and is resisting the wrong move of reacting too soon. Kudos to him...and let's all fall in line.

The article doesn't sound good. But as you've probably noticed, the names were missing. The report says four black men got into the cab and started making trouble. To label them as football players is either slanderous...or accurate. Careful...calculated...speculated...

? ? ? ? ?

As the investigation(s) unfold, we may know more. It sounds from the report like there were plenty of witnesses to interview. If the story plays out as reported, there should be plenty of hell to pay, both in the locker room and on the message boards. If the story is inaccurate...well, the angst will reach a fever-pitch.

Cuz like me, right now you're probably pissed. Just not sure at who...

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