Friday, April 9, 2010

Thornton Update - Inching...Closer...??

.'re Mr. Georgia Basketball. You  have opened up your recruitment. Would you rather be a part of an up and coming program...or join Hewitt?
“It’s really early because we haven’t had the chance to talk to either of them personally. Georgia Tech is here in the ACC, and they always seem to have a lot of talent there. Georgia is an up-and-coming program. They seem to have some (player) needs.” - Billy Thornton, Marcus' father

NATS...they always seem to have a lot of talent. Georgia...has some needs.

On one hand you have a program with out-dated facilities, but once snuck their way into a Final Four. On the other you have a program ready to kick ass...and happened to kick the former's earlier this January.

The Spring signing period starts next week. We can expect some other suitors to knock on the Thornton's door. Probably plenty of them.

But to me...honestly...the choice seems simple. Marcus and black would look good on you!

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