Sunday, April 4, 2010


Blair Walsh lead the SEC in touchbacks last year. And that was with Fabris tying his shoelaces together before each free kick.

Enter Coach Belin. Now Walsh is kicking it...deep.

“It’s a lot more use of my talent I would say. I was fine doing what they wanted me to do. I’m a team player, and I can go along with it. But it’s a lot more use of my talent, and I’m happy about it. I don’t feel like there’s a restraint on me anymore. Without giving too much away, it’s different.”

Color me affirmed. Straight from the kicker's mouth, he was under utilized. He was restrained by his own coach and now he's free to do something we all knew was the very definition of sanity - kick the damn ball. No more pussyfooting. No more chewing glass for no reason.

This past December under the watchful, controlling eye of Fabris, Walsh was a Groza finalist. Now that he's being let off the chain, Walsh may just be a Heisman contender.

Ok, But you get my point.

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