Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Buffalo Goes Astray

Markques Simas evidently failed to appear in court to answer to a DUI charge from February. Simas is a WR for the Colorado Buffalos, who will be hosting Coach Richt's team and an infinite number of fans the first weekend in October.

As recently as March, Simas was taken off indefinite suspension by Coach Hawkins after his arrest and was able to practice with the team this spring. It appeared he had learned his lesson.
"Don't drink and drive," Simas said. "That's plain and simple, man. That's basically what it is. I made a dumb decision. It will never happen again. I learned from it. If I'm going to go out, be safe be smart, and, if anything, I'll pass out wherever I am."
Hawkins probably would've rather Simas had left that last part out...but okay. We're glad he learned some lesson after various off the field problems: academic issues in '08, team rules violation that led to 2 game suspension in '09, the DUI...and now leaving a judge hanging.

Even if the judge gives him a second chance, he's well past that with Hawkins.

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