Friday, May 14, 2010

Casual Friday - Athens Reunited

I've got a reunion of sorts this weekend in Athenstown. The closer I get to driving east on 316 the easier I begin to breathe, the bluer the sky gets and the louder Paradise City blares in my ears. Yes, I (heart) Athens. But most of all I'm looking forward to seeing some familiar, yet older faces.

I'm pretty much booked solid through Sunday, but I've got a very special Douchebag of the Day coming tomorrow. But for now, roll your sleeves up and prop your feet up on the desk for a minute or two.
  • Last week I gave you a very amateurish beer review. Only fair that I point you towards an expert this week. So check out Four Boys Beer Review to discover new and different beers.
  • Is it safe to assume that we've seen the last of Logan Gray waving his hand in the air? I mean surely #6 put that on the table as something that had to be taken off of his duty list.
  • Tiger has a pain in his neck. Tell Elin something she didn't already know.
  • I think my favorite is like built a raft? (h/t Dawgtoons)
  • Pretty sure I'm gonna go back to Lookin at Lucky in the Preakness tomorrow. That or Rusty the horse. I hear he's been loading up on Beefarino.
  • Spencer Hall's directions are pretty clear. So go cast your ballot. War Damn Bieber!
  • If the Heisman voters strip Bush of his trophy and give it to Vince Young...will Pete Carroll have to give Mack Brown the MNC?....oh, wait...that's right..

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