Thursday, May 6, 2010

Derek's Picking a Fight...I hear Herschel's Ready

In Atlanta yesterday for a HillBilly Hoedown, Derek Dooley painted the town urranjah. Then everyone enjoyed some Rocky Mountain oysters and used their revisionist history books to strike the KiffyBaby era from their collective mindset.

All kidding aside, this is only the beginning of the Dooley Nightmare. We knew this was coming. And we know it's only gonna get worse. With any luck the kid with the hair will soon be found clutching his childhood picture of him an Uga II as he sleeps and promptly be ushered out of Knutsville. Likely amid the usual chaos of 200+ Deliverance extra wannabes jumping atop burning Sertas. Cuz when the one-toothed wonders say they're going to the mattresses, we know they mean bidness.

As for Lil Derek's comments (you can read the lowlights on Weiszer's blog), it seems like his mouth is up for writing some big checks. I hear MMA bouts pay pretty well.
"My next opponent, we don't know who that is.  Whoever gives me an opportunity to fight then, I'm going to thank them as well." - Herschel Walker

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