Saturday, May 15, 2010

DoucheAnchors of the Day

This one comes in parts, cuz this guy has wrecked havoc in tv studios across the midwest. All with the allure of a childhood toy called a yo-yo.

Ladies and Gents...K-Strass!

I like the part when the doucheanchor says Do you want to continue where you're at? Cuz you've got all 8 yo-yos in there...actually you've got 7 now...


I hope by now you realize the guy in the funky get-up who's pretending this is the first time he's tried his hand at being a YO-YOist isn't the actual douche in these clips. It's the targets of his pranks, the morning show news station personalities who hit the meter running high and don't let up until the next commercial break.

K-Strass is becoming a cult hero or sorts. You may have seen him on DeadSpin or YouTube. Despite the awkwardness of his attire and the lack of social grace in front of the camera, I can't help but admire the work that this weird dude has done to disrupt mid-westerners' mornings the last few weeks.

Like this one where K-Strass completely botches a new move and impales himself, twice. All while the goofy anchordouche smiles continuously, unsure of anything to say.

At least the anchor lady tries to regain control of the show. But her co-host can't shake that creepy grin.

Yes, the damage to morning show studios' integrity has been great, but give some credit to Sunrise 7 for at least admitting they got jobbed by a guy in shorts, suspenders and a yellow baseball cap.

But some major douche points for the anchor there at the end for the UF-Yo comment. You sir are a prime candidate for the next open mic night at the local Laugh Barn. We trust you haven't procreated.


NRBQ said...

Wreaked havoc, Bernie, Wreaked.

Bernie said...

Thx NRBQ. Sometimes I really wreck and wreak havoc on my spell check.

AthensHomerDawg said...

Enjoy your stuff .... usually with my second cup of coffee. I'm at GTP with the first, cause that's how my browser loads. With all the grief about Finebaun I thought this deserved a visit and a comment....

might make for an interesting post!