Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gray Stays

** UPDATED below **

Per a UGA release, Logan Gray has decided to remain in Athens.

All together...deep breath...

To be honest, I expected this...but have still spent the last couple weeks worrying and fretting. Sure, I haven't seen anything from Logan under center to give me great pause. But without him we are dangerously thin at a crucial position. And with him, should Murray end up the starter he will have earned it and not just been handed it due to lack of competition.

The caveat is that Gray hopes to get some work at WR. I'm curious to see how much time he gets there, both at Woodruff and at Sanford. For me, it brings up these questions:
  • Is Gray staying to compete at QB with the additional possibility of earning WR snaps should he remain #2?
  • If that's a yes as I assume, can Gray compete for both and still be prepared for either (especially QB)?
  • Do we have enough bubble wrap for both of these positions to make it through the '10 season?
What did I miss?

Updated - Well, evidently I missed a plenty. Per Weiszer's Twitter CMR doesn't expect much of a QB competition and has all but given the starting job to Murray. Gray essentially becomes insurance. That's probably what it would've ended up being anyway I guess, but the fact that CMR would say this tells me that they're at least comfortable enough with Gray's skills at QB that they don't believe he would need much reps during practice.

Again, plastic bubble wrap. Craploads of it puhleeze...


Ollllddude said...

Interesting situation. If Logan had asked me (he didn't) I would have told him to stay, and I would have told him that even if I were not a Dawg. The reasons can be stated in many ways, but it boils down to this: he is happy being a Dawg, and there is no reason to think he will be happier elsewhere. At this point in his life, he can compete as much as he can and develop as much as he can at UGA. He can get more PT elsewhere, but enjoy it less, and there is certainly no guarantee of any greater success unless by success you mean playing time.

He just needs to be ready for whenever the moment comes and at the same time accept that the moment he always dreamed about as a kid might not come - at least not in the way he planned it.

Bernie said...

Wow...can't put it much better or clearer than that Olllddude.

Sometimes as fans we only look at the depth chart in terms of how these types of decisions will be made. We forget that there's so much more that comes into play. If I had to guess I would say that this was a gut reaction to the depth chart being released with him #2.

Even CMR said he second guesses his own decision to release the thing in the first place.