Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Is Garcia a "quitter or a flunk-out"?

Much has been made about the Lamecock Booster Clubs where the Ol' Ball Coach has used his tried and true method of tough love on his QBs. Of course, it's been a long time since Spurrier patted Wuerffel's fanny.

This year's target is the same as last season's, Stephen Garcia. It seems Connor Shaw has made quite the impression on his coaches since enrolling in January. But of course, so had Garcia back when he was keying cars on campus.

Which brings me to my point. How strong is Garcia's psyche? He was second in the league in passing last season. He's a redshirt junior. He would seem to have earned a little slack.

Of course, on the flip side the chickens did lose an entire pizza to UConn in December.
"We're hoping Stephen Garcia will have a good summer," Spurrier said. "We give our guys a plan to follow through the summer. Hopefully this year, he'll follow it. He hasn't followed it very well other years."
There's something to be said for continuing to put pressure on your quarterback; relentlessly moving the bar up for him to clear. And the news is positive for chicken ranchers overall in that OBC reports that his team is in good academic standing and has fewer quitters and flunk-outs than in previous years (no word on gas station attendants...). But I just wonder how much public pressure this Garcia kid can handle.

And if we'll be seeing a true freshman QB in Chickumbia on September 11th. 

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