Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mett's Next Huddle

So where does Zach Mettenberger end up? I know I said this chapter was closed, but I only bring it up again because there appears a decent chance we'll see him in Sanford Stadium again. Albeit on the north sideline.

Cincinnati and Louisville are at the front of the line. And they are the two schools with visits set up, at least according to Kelin's website. By my estimation (and limited means of research) both schools would have a rising senior at QB when Mett was first eligible to play in the 2011 season. Although Mett would stand about a half a foot taller than Zach Collaros. But if that becomes an issue for Zach's decision making process, it also appears he has plenty of interest from elsewhere. Even in the SEC East.

Which is what really bothers me. I would love to see Mett rebound and make amends for Remerton both in the eyes of the law and on the football field. But I don't want to see it at a divisional rival. If the HillBillys and KenYucky are able to make a meal from Coach Richt's scraps...well, that's just wrong. 

And no, I'm not worried about facing Mett. In fact, I wouldn't mind if he ended up at Louisville and played us in '11 and '12. It'd be better than seeing him in urranjah.

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