Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday's Meatloaf - Nu'Keese, Namaste and Newman

Remember way back...when KiffyBaby was on ol' Rocky Flop? He got that kid from the community in Florida with the broken fax machine...? Pahokee! Yeh, that's the one. Then the kid practically wore his urranjah uniform while committing some malfeasance in Knutsville.

Well, the end to the story was supposed to be when he transferred to Hampton in Virginia. But Richardson may be tweeting writing a new ending. Having escaped major time in the convenience store/Prius/pellet gun case, Nu'Keese Richardson is toeing the line. His latest...a video shot with two former teammates in which they try on t-shirts and discuss whether or not they will shell out the $10 to pay for them or not. 

Spoiler alert!!....the general consensus is that they will not. Gasp!

I read this story on Saturday and arrived at an already obvious conclusion - the kid is dumb. Of course there's dumb and there's self-inflicted dumb and Nu'Keese keeps aiming the barrel at his own foot. I've since read that everything in the Wal-Mart video was eventually paid for, but that don't fix stupid.

Cuz one day this kid may actually aim for a more vital body part. And we already know he don't miss.

Today's Ingredients
  • I know I've adopted the attitude of somebody wake me when the Big Televen makes up its mind. But the mention of going to a 20 team SuperMega conference caught me by surprise. Does that come with fries? And it's good to know the Big East can fall back on...Temple.
  • And whether Commish Slive went and sat on Uncle Verne's knee to discuss SEC 'spansion is a matter of debate. I would guess the big guy is still busy clearing out his Teblow filing cabinet.
  • Back in Athens, Weiszer weighs the upcoming football schedule against the almighty W.
  • Exile looks at a DamnGoodDawg that will soon find herself in the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame.
  • Israel Machovec continues to add to his trophy case in UGA Track and Field after claiming the SEC shot-put championship.
  • In the interest of keeping thine enemies closer, Obi's Sister has an early look at how the reptiles raise their young.
  • In light of the recent developments in the USC Trojan/Reggie Bush love affair, The Senator wonders if there could be some revisionist history in the works.
  • Rex risks opening up an old wound in exploring players' 1st Amendment rights.
  • Great weekend overall for UGA Sports. Let's start on the links, where Henley advanced...but without his team.
  • The softball team is moving on to the NCAA Super Regional
  • The tennis team advanced to the semi-finals against Tennessee later today with a dominating win over Roddick's Sooner squad. In related news, HillBillys are asshats who not only lack bones in their mouths but also social graces. (thank you, that is all)
  • The Diamond Dawgs did enough to KenYucky to where we at least had to locate our own brooms. Unfortunately the sweep fell short. And with no post-season to travel to, tough decisions await.
  • Lastly, the Annual SCAN Foundation 5k Fun Run/Walk is this Saturday at Perimeter Mall. You can register through or the official website. If you can't find your running shoes, come down and join the fun anyway. See a spot, call a doc!
  • **UPDATE** - Scott has his initial thoughts on Lost up. Complete recap to follow.

Today, there are two types of people: those who spent nearly 5 hours on Lost last night...and those who didn't. And while I count myself among those in the former, I'm not going to go on and on about the show. But watching it last night got me thinking about great television.

Like few other tv shows I've experienced, Lost weaved the character development and the main storyline together incredibly tight. After a mostly disappointing season, my expectations were low going into last night's finale. And in some ways, the main storyline wrapped things up as if the writers were simply out of time. But overall, the finale far exceeded my expectations.

Because in the end it's always the characters that we tune in for. Whether we're watching our favorite teams compete on a playing field or a Seinfeld rerun we've seen for the 32nd's always the characters that we care for and want to see score...or simply stumble through a doorway. 

Seinfeld is probably my favorite show of all time. And despite it's vast differences with Lost, the two shows share some commonalities. The first season was intriguing, yet average television. Both shows enjoyed tremendous ratings that seemed to only climb season to season. And most notably, both shows ended before they became irrelevant (at least in their fans' eyes).

And while one was a show self-admittedly about nothing, and the other was a show about seemingly everything...their characters were as life-like as the people we work with. And that gives us something we can relate to week after week. That's about all I ask for in 30-60 minutes of sofa exercising.

Except for Newman. That guy's heavily imbalanced. Maybe more so than Pahokee's most notorious former HillBilly. Enjoy the meatloaf Reader. And watch out for mailmen driving Priuses. Here's your napkin.


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