Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday's Memorial Day Meatloaf

It's Memorial Day. And there's nothing I could type that would say more than this picture.

(h/t MacSemper Fi) That's Christian Golcynski accepting a folded US flag in remembrance of his father, Staff Sargeant Marcus Golcynski who was killed in Iraq by enemy fire in March. Whatever your plans include for today, I hope at least a few moments are taken to remember those who've paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

God Bless our troops. 

Today's Ingredients
  • Great day at the Fourth Annual Save Our Skin 5k Fun Run/Walk Saturday. I thought I was going in high tech with an app that tracked my time/distance/speed...etc. But Nama came with shoes that talked to him. WTF?!?
  • All in all, some money was raised for a great cause and a good time was had by all. Hope to see you out there next year. Thanks Marilyn!
  • In related news, Exile pays tribute to a Hollywood legend and doesn't get caught watching the paint dry.
  • Shout out to Anonymous for knowing that Shannon Scott was the hardcourt stud left off of Friday's Trivial Update. I can't think of anyone who posts more comments than this guy and appreciate him taking the time to stop by. *snark*
  • Missed this last week, but Rex is wondering who the teh awesomest kicker in Dawg history is at Kicker U. Fabris doesn't make his list, so I'll go with Bennett since he should have won a Heisman.
  • A strong weekend for Lady Dawgs begins on the diamond where the softball team earned their second consecutive trip to the WCWS in Oklahoma City by blasting the California Bears.
  • Georgia sophomore Chelsey Gullickson will try to become the third NCAA singles champion in school history today. The NCAA finals begin at noon with the doubles and the singles are slated for 2pm.
  • Coach Fox's Dawgs will tip off with the nerds against the backdrop of student angst and painted faces.
  • The topic du jour recently seems to be how much the HillBillys are gonna suck and for how long. The Senator thinks it takes a village while playing off this Dave Hooker piece that looks at the past, present and future. Call it a retrospective and prospective look at the overtaxed suspender.
  • Streit has started Bubba 'n Earl's countdown off with a bang. Yesterday was a real blast from the past. Consequently video.
  • John Clay wonders how many times Crapalari can say I didn't know (h/t Mr. SEC). My guess is as long as Mitch Barnhart has ink in his pen.And if there's one term the KenYucky coach is familiar with, it's vacated.
  • And the larger point of Clay's article I hope isn't lost on readers is this one: if Duke is recruiting a talented kid like Bledsoe and doesn't offer...that should be a pretty big red flag.
  • While on the subject of the wrong side of the law, USC (the real one) should find out Friday what the official findings are. My guess is an empty bottle of awesomeness with a prescription label that reads Peter Carroll, take two daily with a full glass of chutzpah.
  • The Big 12 commish wants to reward loyalty by penalizing those in search of greener pastures.
  • At $85,000 a week, how long before Jayhawk AD Perkins is not in Kansas anymore? I certainly think our own AD Evans is worth his weight in gold...but nearly $4.5 million is a lot of clams for an athletic dircetor?
  • Lastly, when you've been overserved it's quite easy to mistake a restaurant kitchen for a urinal cake. (h/t Circpro)

Been a busy weekend already, so I'll have to keep this shorter than usual. Have a great day Reader. Hope you enjoy your day at least half as much as I will.

Here's your napkin.


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