Sunday, May 23, 2010

Recruiting Spotlight - Carver's Crowell

Last week, the AJCs Carvell asked if Carver-Columbus backfield burner Isaiah Crowell was the best RB prospect in the country. I don't purport to have the experience to determine such rankings...but, if he's not the best...I'd like to see who is.

This is a long, LONG video. But I like it because it highlights Crowell each play and goes back and slows down particular plays to give you a better look at his vision and instincts. Plus it shows some flat out break away plays where he outruns 21 other players and shows plenty of plays where Crowell creates yards...and points.

As I watched, I tried to determine which Dawg back Crowell reminded me of most. His breakaway speed definitely reminded me of watching some of Richard Samuel's runs at Cass and 'tween the hedges. But obviously Crowell has a knack for avoiding contact.

Then it came to me...Robert Edwards. Crowell's built like him and moves like him, although he has even better least at the HS level. He has that awesome blend of speed and field level intuition. So who does he remind you of?

Given the recent history between Georgia and Carver-Columbus coaches, this would seem like a longshot, at best. But from Crowell's mouth to God's ears ($$):
Alabama and Georgia are on top, basically because I have a real good relationship with the coaches and players.
There are other names on Georgia's watch list. But Crowell's should be (and surely is) at the top.


Unknown said...

He's always reminded me of Garrison Hearst. Either way you can tell hes just on a completely different level than everybody else.

Dr. Merkwurdigliebe said...

Crowell - OMG!

No doubt this kid needs to be a number one priority for Richt and staff. This kid needs to wear a Bulldawg uniform!

Anonymous said...

He's got good vision, but doesn't appear to have great speed or elusiveness. I mean, fast, sure, but doesn't appear to have much breakaway speed, and I don't sure a difference between him and Richard Samuel in avoiding contact. I see a lot of running in a straight line.

genxdawg said...

I have a sneaky suspicion that Crowell will be the next marquis target to evade the DAWGS and leave UGA fans wanting.

Ollllddude said...

I think he looks pretty good - he particularly looks good going through traffic and keeping his feet - but everyone looks good on edited video. Perhaps not that many people can put together nine minutes worth of good, but still, you get the idea. And it's hard to tell - maybe he has killer linemen in front of him, and that is who we should be recruiting.

So, it's hard for me to get too gaga over anyone from a video. Still, it's hot, it's late May, and any football I can watch in the AC is welcome.

Anonymous said...

Isaiah, I hope to see you wearing the Red & Black. Nothing like playing between the Hedges before 90K + barking Dawg Fans!

Please join the Dawgs and be the corner stone of the Dream Team concept.

Goooo Dawgs, sic' em Woof Woof Woof!

Anonymous said...

In addition to speed, power and elusiveness, the most fascinating thing is his ability to take hits at full speed an break the tackle without slowing down. Count how many times he breaks 3-4 tackles... often at full speed. Remarkable. I think he is an offensive explosion waiting to happen in CFB. Come to the dawg!!! As far as comparisons, Hearst + Moreno but better speed than both!!!

Anonymous said... coined the term "blawg" and trademarked and copyrighted it. Han Vance, author-journalist-poet owns said term, and you are "borrowing" it here.