Friday, May 21, 2010

SEC Assistants - "Money for Old Rope"

Assisting head coaches in the Southeastern Conference ain't a bad way to make a living, these days especially. Although the Dawgs' DC position is paying substantially more than last season, overall the coaches under Coach Richt will not be climbing the tax bracket ladder.

But that's not the case elsewhere.

With the news that the Ol' Ball Coach's assistants will all receive 17½% (you read that right, seventeen point five!) raises for '10, it makes you wonder what all this recession talk is about. The notable exception is DC Ellis Johnson who flirted enough with Derek Dooley to get ONE HUNNERD PURCENT!!!!1 

Then, like me, you probably remember that the SEC is as recession proof as a seat on a Presidential cabinet. (h/t KegsNEggs)

But 17% for a fifth place finish in the SEC East sounds more than a little overpriced. But that's me, and I'm no chicken farmer.

At the other end of the SEC East they're handing out raises too
Nine UF assistants will make a total of at least $2.74 million in 2009 including a $10,000 Nike apparel supplement for each coach and chances for performance-based bonuses, according to contracts obtained by the Orlando Sentinel.

This total is the highest in the program's history in an era of escalating college football contracts nationwide, especially in the Southeastern Conference.

That's a lot of coin as well, even if they did come within a game of another visit to MNC territory. Afterall, five of those floriDuh assistants are heading into their first year in Gayturdsville.

But the most interesting nugget came in reference to Addazzio's new salary.
Offensive coordinator Steve Addazio still makes $375,000 per year, his salary from the 2009 season, but UF spokesman Steve McClain said Addazio "will be compensated for his additional duties performed" as interim coach during head coach Urban Meyer's leave of absence.

"Those details haven't been finalized yet," McClain said.

Admittedly, it must be hard to finalize details that are as murky as the waters in which they're bred.

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