Friday, May 7, 2010

Trivial Update - I Walk the Line

#ThursdaysRTrivial ep. 43 coming up right after this PSA: Beware of prodigal sons wearing urranjah and sporting overalls. If seen, please call 1-800-FOUND A DOUCHE. Thx!

#ThursdaysRTrivial episode 43 "How Tough Are You?" It's time for the Twitter Twivia Show that's fought tougher men, but can't remember when. Pulling a question from Bernie's iPod...REPLY back your answer for a chance at a fabulous prize. According to the legend of a boy named Sue, what two things did Daddy leave "Ma and me" when he left home?

I've been on a Johnny Cash run for a couple months. I don't usually make a habit of drawing inspiration from such tortured souls, but the Man in Black is special. And I also rarely enjoy remakes, but two of my favorite Cash songs are remakes, Kristofferson's Sunday Morning Coming Down and Depeche Mode's Personal Jesus. In fact I never really liked Depeche Mode although I remember the original song being a hit. But Cash's version is incredibly soulful. Amazingly simple, but powerful. Perhaps it's Cash's tortured history that makes it that way, I don't know.

Just a great song by a real artist.

That all has nothing to do with Georgia Athletics, but it's my damn trivia show...and it's the long hard drag between the first of April and the heat of August two-a-days. So it played out this way...

Tracey hit him hard right between the eyes
and he went down but to my surprise
Scott come up with a knife and cut off a piece of my ear
But Angie busted a chair right across his teeth 
and we all crashed through the wall and into the street
Kicking and a' gouging in the mud and the blood and the beer. 

I tell ya, I've fought tougher men (and women)
but I really can't remember when
Scott kicked like a mule and Tracey bit like a crocodile.
I heard Angie laugh and then I heard her cuss,
Tracey went for her gun and Scott pulled his first,
then stood there lookin' at me and I saw him smile.

Congrats to Scott for tweeting in first. I hope you make good use of the knee length black coat. Meanwhile the ladies both get a handful of fresh picked flowers from outside of the Starkville City Jail. 

I hear the train a comin'. So let that lonesome whistle blow your blues away and have a great weekend.

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