Wednesday, May 19, 2010

When a Shoe Meets the Other Foot...

As you're hopefully well aware, Marcus Thornton stated the obvious earlier this afternoon when he said:
I liked the opportunity I had at UGA, how I could be a big piece of something. I felt in my heart that's what I wanted to do.
And so now it begins. Nerds from all over the country have gathered with their keyboards and headsets to commiserate and blather on and on about how ridiculously awesome they are and how Georgia fans could never turn their Commodore 64 into motherboard starship enterprise renegade warcraft.

From StingTalk (h/t @robertkburnham):
It's one thing to be born into a family that brainwashes you with barking and ancient VHS recordings of the 1980 season. Obviously the outcome is that you're going to hell, but you never had a say in the matter.

But when you consciously choose to become a mutt and you willingly go to live in the cesspool, you're not only signing away your soul but those of your children, and your children's children and so on.

Committing to UGAg is the unpardonable sin
- The Jacket 

Wow. Pretty strong language from a level 2 dwarven warrior without a starfleet. Then there's this dose of reality:
You realize they have a better coach than we do right?
- jts 1207

Yes. That's right. Hewitt still craps in Alexander Memorial. If you're a Dawg fan you're probably wondering what could make this a better day. Well, try this on for size: decided to check out this StingTalk twitter a little furtherPoor nerd has no friends. Feel free to add your own reasoning in the comments.

Welcome to the Dawg Nation Mr. Georgia Basketball. No World of Warcraft login necessary.


Anonymous said...

He has no friends because while he tweets the other nerdholes are gaming. Hes an outcast.

DawggyStyle said...

He ostracized all of his Warcraft brothers by eating all the pizza during the last "game night".