Monday, June 14, 2010

Beebe's Last Call - UPDATED

UPDATE: Texas has answered the call. Bevo don't do surfboards dude. But in reality, these realignment waves shift more than a sinner on Sunday's front pew. Case in point - ESPN's Joe Schad says Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State's departure to the Pac-1X is imminent
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There's absolutely no way to predict what will happen out west. But Orangebloods has been as accurate as any, maybe more so. And according to Chip Brown, there's a last ditch effort to save the Big XII that might actually work. 

And it came at the height of Beebe's desperation.
The stakes for Beebe to somehow rescue the Big 12-Lite seemed to get a lot higher on Sunday as Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott and chief operating officer Kevin Weiberg conducted a tour of Texas A&M, Texas Tech and Texas before flying up to Kansas City (possibly to talk to KU officials). reported Saturday that Texas A&M has the votes on its nine-member Board of Regents to join the Southeastern Conference and could be ready to make that move as early as this week.
How could the Big X hold on? Money...television...and other fringe benefits.
  • he thinks he may be able to match the SECs TV money
  • schools could pursue their own network, which has been a Longhorn goal for awhile
  • conference would proceed with 10 teams, a nine game conference schedule and no championship game
Those are the highlights. And as Brown points out, it doesn't hurt that one of the departures was an underachiever in Colorado. Ralphie was such a drain on the midwestern economy.

Bevo on the other hand...

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