Friday, June 11, 2010

Casual Friday on the Expansion Roller Coaster

To think that we all went to bed Tuesday night and the NCAA Football landscape was organized chaos. Just 48 hours later we take a careful and calculated peek at the headlines each morning half expecting our team to be the latest rumored in dealings with a conference across the continent.

Here's some collected thoughts left over from my day at Disney and the roller coaster we've all been on since.
  • I think of the real life Disney version of Pocahontas as the University of Texas. Everybody wants their picture with her, especially the 25-40 year old male demographic. Even if she comes with that stodgy, old traditional chief as part of the package.
  • Funny how Space Mountain lets you off right into a NASA themed gift shop and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride lets you off into a Pirate themed gift shop. Walt really had an eye for business.
  • When you're wearing a UGA cap in an uber popular theme park, also carry around a mirror. That way when you get those inevitable contemptuous looks from HillBillys and Gayturds you can quickly provide them a reminder of their reality.
  • Speaking of reality, the higher ups in South Bend must feel like it's Bowl Season all over again and they're left out in the cold.
  • Someone please explain to me how Pete Carroll and Tim Floyd come out of this disaster at USC smelling like roses? Cheap, dusty, plastic ones...but still.
  • I can see and perfectly understand the contempt cast towards Reggie Bush. Believe me I do. But if he was the only one getting his hands greased I'll never look at Kim KardASSian's fanny again. 
  • As I found myself in the middle of a long queue for the Tea Cups, surrounded by sweaty people who's mouths were at the south end of a corn dog stick...I almost made a pledge to never (EVER!!) pass gas in public again. Holy Mother of God!
  • Fast Pass is the greatest thing ever invented for amusement parks. Even better than air-conditioned boat rides. And much better than the $6.50 Coca-Cola that's mostly ice.
  • Until noon Monday I had never paid $5 for a PB&J. Buyer beware - keep that one off your Bucket List Reader. After all, the one I purchased was only half eaten.
Unlike the Big XII, which is looking like it's a weekend away from being devoured. My dream case scenario you ask...two words - Status Quo. How do we know these super conferences will actually work? Although I can see the idea of wanting to add a Texas just based on what they would bring (and the fact that they wouldn't be stretching the moniker Southeastern Conference geographically). What's the real point in adding 4 teams to the pie just to keep up with the wannabes? Would FSU really help the SEC that much? Would Clempson?

And don't get me started on the nerds...

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Dawgfan17 said...

Totally agree, unless the team(s) the SEC add actually bring something to the table there is no need to expand just for expansions sake.