Thursday, June 17, 2010

GATA Dooley

Let's begin this series with the man who put UGA athletics on the map and helped bring GATA 'tween the hedges. If you grew up during his era you probably spent some time watching his weekly show. ghostoferkrussell dug this one up for a trip down memory lane.

Growing up I always thought Dooley was extremely graceful in front of a camera like we see him here. Almost as graceful as he was using all sorts of body-english on the sideline. But when I finally had the chance to meet him in person I realized that his grace wasn't just on-air savvy. It was genuine. The man is a true southern gentleman and we may never see anyone touch his career 201 victories.

This video was towards the end of an era, but it was one full of GATA.

** And click here for a replay of Dooley's last victory, the 1989 Gator Bowl. Pure, I mean silver.**

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