Saturday, June 19, 2010

GATA Pollack

First and foremost...Happy Birthday #47! We will always treasure the way you swallowed quarterbacks in eager mouthfuls and cast inescapable shadows on diminutive running backs.

This is a special one for me. David Pollack is one of my all time favorites, like most Dawg fans. But it's also special because I was at this game in a sea of urranjah...sitting next to my dad. If you're not aware, my dad is a long time IPTAYer. If you don't know what IPTAY is, I won't try to explain. That's why Pollack invented Google.

And if you don't believe our career sacks leader invented Google, then you obviously don't realize that he can do anything. And that's exactly what he did back in 2003 just across the field from Howard's rock. In a three play sequence he sacked Whitehurst, made a tackle for a loss and then intercepted a pass and nearly ran it back for six.

Yes indeed. He saved our whatchamacallit. From there, the Dawgs never relented and finished the kitties off 30-0 (although Dad sometimes says they closed it to 30-3...). After a post tailgate with some more IPTAYers we were walking back to our car and happened behind a young Tiger cub who was fresh from a shower and relating to his dad how he actually blocked Pollack...once.

I think the kid was a freshman. My God. GATA.