Tuesday, June 22, 2010

GATA Richard Tardits

While David Pollack was busy playing PeeWee ball with his future UGA roommate, there was a frenchman terrorizing SEC QBs and adding his name to record books. Richard Le Sack Tardits hadn't played American football when he walked onto Dooley's team in 1985. But by the time he left UGA, he'd learned a thing or two.

This is a vintage video after a victory over floriDuh in 1987. h/t ghostoferkrussell

Richard Tardits...DamnGoodDawg.


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AuditDawg said...

Hey, meant to thank you a couple weeks ago for the kind words. I hope you too are enjoying some cold frothy beverages and you didn't have to pass any exam for them!

Bernie said...

Pretty sure I even raised one in your honor. And my only exam to pass is getting yet another by the wife without her noticing. Ha.