Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Is John Isner in Tennis Purgatory?


Let's put this in perspective, or at least try.

  • the 10 hour match (so far) has eclipsed the previous record by over 3 hours
  • I once complained about a long, hot three hour, three set match. Ergo, I'm a tennis wuss.
  • there's been 193 aces - 98 for John, 93 for the frenchturd
  • they played 118 games in this 5th set alone. The previous record for a match was 112 games.
We could go on and on. The fact remains that these guys are in a match that apparently will never end. They played 4 sets Tuesday evening and came back Wednesday to play another 7 hours with no winner decided.

I've watched about 75% of the match. The quaint Court #18 has grown remarkably in the number of fans that surround it. We knew back in January that John was playing great tennis. His serve is practically unbreakable; unfortunately his return of serve hasn't come around enough to get him out of jams. Yet he's had a couple match points. Tomorrow it's time to finish the drill..

We won't hear much barking across the pond. But it'd be nice if we'd all bark like hell at our TVs (or laptops) today.

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