Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday's Meatloaf - Realigning Greener Pastures

Despite my worst efforts, it still appears Texas A&M could be the next team to never make it to the SECCG. That should make Ole Miss grateful for the company. Of course, there's a lot of dealings to be done out the back door between now and the end of this chapter in Jim Delaney's memoirs.

But if Commish Slive hitchhiked all the way out to College Station, that means he's serious about gig'n em. So we better get used to it, and whoever else might come along too. Whenever it happens.

And as I wondered what the conversation must've been like between Slive and Aggie A&M AD Bill Byrne, I kept thinking of when Sean Connery was indoctrinating Kevin Costner into the Chicago way. After all, the SEC isn't the play-safe jungle gym with the rubberized wood chips that the Big XII is...once...(whatevs) was.

Slive - You wanna get to Atlanta? They pull a knife, you pull a gun. Saban sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. THAT'S the Southeastern way.
Byrnes - I have sworn to switch conferences with all the legal powers at my disposal and I will do so.
Slive - Well...the Lord hates a coward. (shakes his new ADs hand) Do you know what a blood oath is Byrnes?
Byrnes - Yes.
Slive - Good. Cuz you just took one.

Let's hope there's a lot of self-examination going on in College Station (and wherever else). Because you can't just be a lot of talk and a badge when you tee it up with the big boys.

Today's Ingredients

And when it all comes to pass, it will be the bottom line that helps the movers and shakers make the decisions. If the SEC stands pat, I'll be pleased. Should Slive bust a move, then I'll come to accept it as fact, eventually. Meanwhile, the new SEC fans will be like kids in a candy store. More money...and better looking alumni and coeds sitting across the field.

For a better understanding, just listen to this old Dire Straits song from the vantage point of those gig em fans dreaming of a day when they too are SEC fans...and substitute SEC anytime your hear MTV.

Yeh, in the SEC our coeds wear sundresses and strap baggies of bourbon to their thighs. And the dudes have drumsticks and guitars that glow neon. So it's not just your football team that needs to pick up the slack if a trip to Atlanta or even an at-large BCS bid is to be earned.

So while you wait on something to happen or not to happen, enjoy your meatloaf Reader. And remember to keep an ear out for news on LeMay. This could get interesting as well.

Here's your napkin.


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