Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday's Headers - never perfect, not even close

In the words of Marvin...What's going on?
  • Everyone's blaming that ump for blowing that call at first last night in Detroit; the one that cost Galarraga a perfect game. Well if that center fielder hadn't made that ridiculously awesome catch for the first out, the point would be moot. So I blame him.
  • On the other hand, I didn't realize Marc Curles also botched baseball...
  • Hale has some fun with numbers along the offensive front.
  • Along with the senior departures of Ricky McPhee, Albert Jackson and Tyler Whatley, plus the somewhat expected early departures of Drazen Zlovaric and Demario Mayfield...this one is a lot more puzzling. Still, I wish Anyaorah the best.
  • After humorously opining on Coach Richt's fictitious hotseat (I guess that's a case of a pot trying to find a kettle...), Prez Adams decides to weigh in on expansion. I hate it when he says something I agree with. Where's my toothbrush?
  • Count me among the hoards of fans who'd like to see Russ get a full season. But while Russ has served UGA well since November, the Seiler Family has served UGA well since the dawn of the Dawg Nation. I'll stand by their decision in the end.
  • And some props for my Pops, he's retiring today after 40 something years. It's also his birthday. So I think there's a beer or two in his immediate (and distant) future.
Back to baseball, many are calling for Bud Selig to step in and make things right. in the guy who once decided an All-Star game would end in a tie. For him to actually do something right for the good of the game would go against his every principal. Am I right? Plus, he just doesn't have the stones. 

I think that's the most I've typed about MLB baseball, ever. Which means it's time to stop. You have a good day sir!


JenniferfromLaJolla said...

Kind of sad that everyone is falling all over themselves complimenting the umpire for admitting he made a mistake. Is it really that rare for people own up to screwing up? For example, BP and Goldman Sachs messed up royally and they apologized immediately--right? Oh wait, that would be a no.

If Russ goes undefeated it is going to be hard for the Seiler's to put him out to pasture. And five isn't that old...

Congrats to your dad!!

Bernie said...

I'm trying, but I can't recall AJ Green getting such a heartfelt and dramatic apology after the LSU game.

Thanks for the well wishes Jennifer.