Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Some recruiting news and links to make you smile this Wednesday morning.
  • The biggest recruiting news this morning is the commitment of Nick Marshall of course. The Wilcox Co. star is the state's best athlete and was a soft verbal for NATS. Signing Lonnie Outlaw was more than a play for the best name in the future of college football.
  • The Senator explains exactly why Marshall's commitment is such a celebration in Athens, and a slap in the face to Coach Pajammies.
  • Speaking of ol' PJ, he's losing another recruit. Jake Skole made official what has been suspected when he was drafted early by the Texas Rangers.
  • The MLB draft is also having an effect on Coach Perno's current and future staff.
  • I think the best read on recruiting is Fletcher Page's take on the 7 on 7 camp last week in Athens. We've been hearing all this talk about the Dream Team coming to Athens and now it's even taking shape. Page gives us a look at the energy and enthusiasm that is fueling the frenzy. 
  • And looking at the state's top prospects...the renewed vigor within the borders is paying off in spades.
  • Wanna know if you need to worry when Corey Moore visits Clempson this weekend? Wanna know which gator recruit is now listening intently to Coach Richt's staff? Chad Simmons' drops some knowledge. ($$)
  • Lastly, Dean Legge tells us why Hard Hats are Required around Butts-Mehre as of late.
One of the underlying themes to this next class will certainly be how much ground Coach Richt and his staff make up in state. Sure they're off to a good start, but there's a ton of talent left on the board. And there's always the task of holding onto commitments. The 2011 class at Carver-Columbus may be a microcosm of this theme. The more names this Dream Team gathers, the easier it may be to hold onto commitments. And the more Carver continues to take notice.

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