Tuesday, July 6, 2010

AD Search: What Will We Learn From Adams Today?

Today at 2pm, Prez Adams will address the future of the athletic department at a media briefing that had been scheduled prior to Evans' misbehavior. It's unlikely we'll learn much about Georgia's new AD. And in that we will learn everything. Adams isn't interested in turning over the keys to Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall. He's interested in turning over the copies he made at Wal-Mart last night.

The truth of the matter is that Adams has handled Damongate as well as could be expected. But today is the first day of the interim. Evans' office is clean for the first time since Wednesday night. Adams is rolling up his sleeves...and that can be a dangerous proposition for Dawg fans.

This is a plum job. We should have candidates lining up just to hand in their resume. And we likely will. But Adams wants someone to fill the position that will endorse his own decisions. In his mind, he's the president of the university, ergo what is best for him is also what is best for UGA.

That may give perceived candidates Frank Crumley, Arthur Johnson and Carla Williams a leg up on others like Greg McGarity (Florida's Senior Exec. Athletic Director) and Dave Hart (Alabama's Exec. Director of Athletics). McGarity interviewed for the job back in '03, as did Mark Lewis who Paschall points out has been very successful since his days 'tween the hedges. (h/t GeorgiaBlogPWD)
Also interviewing the last time around was Lewis, who was a snapper for the Bulldogs in the late '80s and is the son of former Georgia Tech football coach Bill Lewis. The vice president for Olympic sponsorships with General Electric in '03, Lewis has since overseen a leading provider of Olympic Games hospitality packages and event tickets to corporate clients and the general public.
Lewis is intriguing simply based on his experience in sports business. Jet Set Sports reportedly earned $70 million from the Olympics in Beijing. A visit to his Facebook page suggests he'd be more than honored to interview.

Will Lewis be what's best for Adams? Will McGarity or Hart be perfunctory considerations? Only one man knows...we can only hope he self-aggrandizes himself into the best decision for UGA Athletics.

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