Friday, July 16, 2010

Casual Friday - Climate Controlled for Your Reading Pleasure

Dressed down, but not so far as to make you uncomfortable.

  • I was part of a funeral procession yesterday complete with 5 policemen on motorcycles, about 20 cars and one hearse, all with lights on. I find it a sad commentary on our society when the only person who pulled to the side of the road was a jackhole who tried to blend in for about a mile and half. Cop zipped up beside him and yelled at him as he pulled him over.
  • I mean failing to recognize a funeral procession is one thing. Using it to get to the Dollar General before they run out of the cheap beef jerky is another.
  • I hope the dillweed fights the ticket and faces a judge who just lost his dear momma. I miss small town USA...*sigh*
  • Onto lesser news...a Big Ten (the new one) championship game in Lambeau Field...? Actually...yeh, that sounds about right. 
  • I mean that can't be any worse than an ACC Championship in Jacksonville/Orlando/Charlotte (or wherever the hell that thing is now) in the rain in front of John Swofford and his family.
  • Interesting point raised yesterday by Georgia actually Safety U rather than Tailback U? The safety bloodline may run thicker and deeper.
  • But what separates the S and TB positions I think is that one relies even more on it's supporting cast. A running back can play more instinctively on most plays. If a safety gets too creative the risk is greater than a loss of yards and a punt.
  • And having a disciplined defensive coordinator certainly doesn't hurt.
  • Which brings me to my last point: I'm so eager to see Grantham's defense unleashed I'm having dreams on INTs at night. Last night I even saw Brandon Boykin level Alshon Jeffery at the line of scrimmage and I shouted "Hellz Yeh!!!"
Don't work too hard Reader. In fact, take a two hour lunch. I'll see you all tomorrow at the Countdown.

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