Saturday, July 10, 2010

Correlation, Smorrelation

When the AJCs most click-whorish (it's a word I just made up...sue me) columnist understands that Damon Evans' panties misdeeds don't hurt Coach Richt's status with the Georgia Athletic department...what the hell is wrong with everybody else?

I mean, does anyone actually believe the Dawgs lose 6 games this season?
Maybe Richt should consult his old SEC East coaching rival, Phillip Fulmer. In 2008, Fulmer embarked on his 17th season as Tennessee's coach. At the time, he was the longest tenured coach in the SEC — just like Richt. He had six years remaining on his contract.
All of which added up to zilch, zip, nada after the Vols slipped to 3-6 with a Nov. 1 loss at South Carolina. Two days later, Fulmer was fired — hefty buyout, national championship ring and all.
Not to mention Richt would need to gorge on nothing but Sonic and 7-11 Slurpees from now through Labor Day to catch up with PhatPhil.

If you think Richt's safe, click to your left. If you don't, click your stupidity. If you're in the middle, I hear your sheepish prattle. Keep it in check.

More to come.

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