Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dawg Walking in Boulder

Lately my posts have ingested so much alcohol, it's a wonder my laptop isn't slurring it's typing. But this post is designed as a public service for those heading west in early October.

First off, if you are heading out to Colorado for the game this fall you really need to be following the posts at UGA at CU 2010 and bookmark the site Colorado Dawgs. I found them while we were planning our trip. They're informative sites put together by the Colorado UGA Alumni Association and have some great info, especially where to stay.

Yesterday's post I found especially timely given the recent news of Dawgs behind the wheel south of sober. Mrs. Bernie and I decided to rent a car while we're out there, but luckily we're staying close enough to downtown I think that we'll only need it to get to and from the airport in Denver. And that may be a good thing:
FYI– For your own good stay away from drinking and driving around Boulder. Not that I’m saying it’s okay to drink and drive anywhere, but usually a person is under the limit with one drink. Not in Boulder. Their police are notorious for giving out DUIs and DWAIs. (Many people could get a DWAI with one drink.)  Also, they are sticklers on the speed limit. They don’t know about the free 15 MPH that ATL drivers are used to getting.
I don't know about you, but some of the people I hang out with can raise your BAC high enough for a DWAI just breathing the same air they do. So good to know. Sounds like the police force out there is especially vigilant. It's been many moons since I've been to Boulder, but I remember it as a very nice, super clean city. Not surprised that they wouldn't take kindly to someone coming into town, barking at the locals until all hours and then barfing on Main Street. You know, unlike in Starkville where it might actually improve the scenery. (I'm not really)

So if you're going, follow the link up there. I've also put it down in the DawgBowl. Cheri's also posted some info on renting buses and shuttles if you're interested. And she promises to keep working on other ideas to make our stay more pleasant in the Rocky Mountains.


AthensHomerDawg said...

Remember too that a DUI can affect current and future employment. I had a buddy that hurt himself in this way- so many careful, but if your gonna be stupid be prepared!

Unknown said...

Thanks for linking to my site. Echoing AHD's comment, people should also be aware that a DUI can affect entry into Canada.