Monday, July 12, 2010

Disgraceful Parade of Reporting

I'll post more thoughts on this later, probably tomorrow. So call this your homework.

But regarding the arrests this weekend, this is one Hefty bag short of a complete waste.

This Fitzpatrick clown has aspirations of Doddism. For a (much...much) better display of perspective, check out what Kim wrote.


Kimberley Nash said...

Wow, that Fitzpatrick fellow needs to grab a beer and relax a bit, eh?

I don't condone the behavior of TK or DJ, but I also don't think this is because CMR has allowed his athletes to form a lackadaisical attitude towards discipline either—jeez, get a little perspective.

I do hope that the coaches can start to do something that resonates more clearly with these guys, though, because we don't need anymore of these shenanigans tarnishing what could be a great season for the Dawgs.

Thanks for the shout, Bernie!

David Walker said...

I think it takes a special type of douche to make Mark Bradley look tame.