Thursday, July 1, 2010

DouchePyro of the Day

Don't try this one at home kids...

Now if it had spelled Disco Inferno...or ...Hello. My name is Bill and I'm a pyromaniac...well, that would've earned some cool points. But no, you're just a douche with a four beer buzz and an empty gas can.


Mackie said...

You said "Don't try this at home." but you didn't say ANYTHING about not trying this at the next tailgate!

Anonymous said...

The best part was seeing the 4 year old wander into frame at the end, along with the clapping and cheering of the adults.

Anonymous said...

My experience with this ended with a gas tank flung into the woods, a water hose pulled out of the trailer and the Alma fire department paying us a visit.

No one clapped at the end.