Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fox gets Caldwell

Sometimes seemingly small headlines are big waves. And this one should tower over your head.

Kentavious Caldwell has decided Athens is where he wants to play basketball next ($$). He's the biggest get for Coach Fox of his short tenure. Which makes it all the more impressive.
This guy is a big-time basketball player. He is a significant piece because he's very likely going to be a McDonald's All-American. He's an elite offensive player, an in-state guy and the first guy that Mark Fox went to see when he got the job at Georgia. You can't possibly underestimate this guy as a recruit.
Dave Telep, national recruiting director of 

The 2009-10 season proved that Mark Fox could flat out coach. Now he's very quickly proven he can flat out recruit. I mean, Fox has only been paying taxes in Georgia since last spring and he's already pulling in future lottery picks.

Since January, any doubt about this hire has been erased. Coach Fox is more than a hard wood hero. He's the real deal.

Welcome to the Dawg Nation Mr. Caldwell. A feverish, hungry Stegman awaits your smooth stroke.


Anonymous said...

When (not if) we make the tournament after this basketball season and in light of the fantastic recruiting that is taking place, I say its time load up a U-haul full of cash and back it up to coach Fox's front door following the season before some of the big boys come a callin'.

Bernie said...

Very, very true. I think both of your predictions come true. Fox wins a lot of games and gets a lot of cash. Unlike on North Avenue, it'll be well earned before and afterwards.

I think the general consensus is that this'll be priority numero uno for the new AD.