Thursday, July 8, 2010

GATA Hines Ward

In my mind there's only one thing better than being a great player for the University of Georgia...being a great steward. Hines Ward happens to be both.

In fact, Hines was Mr. Everything and was one of the players who helped bridge the transition from Goff to Donnan. To begin, ghostoferkrussell give us some rushing highlights from Hines' freshman year and the 70-6 drubbing of NE Louisiana.

Nice shot of Robert Edwards playing a lil defense there. Meanwhile, Hines was off to a great start as a running back at Tail Back U. But he would go on to return kicks, punts, play QB, WR and more TB. But he's always been known best for his physicality on the gridiron. Case in point, this collection by RnFall of NFL blocks...

Here's some highlights from the 1997 win over the nerds. In case you can't read Hines' lips after the first TD when he speaks with the Tech fan, he said Hope you brought your Ti-85 son. Cuz you're gonna need it to keep up with my numbers. h/t captkool1447

But perhaps this video by dizale shows Ward's versatility best as it spans his days from Forest Park to Athens and to Super Bowl MVP.

Hines Ward, DamnGoodDawg!

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