Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Grantham's Bigger Picture

Munson always wanted us to get it right before kickoff. Grantham's helping his kids get the picture from top to bottom before camp in August.

Great piece here by Fletcher Page on exactly how the new Georgia defensive coordinator is installing the defensive scheme we're already so eager to see. Much has been made (myself included) about Coach Grantham's willingness to play kids who are ready to make an impact and not just closest to the pomp and the circumstance. But the thought of a new scheme being hosed onto the players by four coaches, three of which are new to Athens is uncomfortable. In the end, how much would actually get absorbed? How ready would we be for Chickumbia in 7 and a half weeks?

Instead, Page explains that Grantham is introducing his defense in concepts. He's hoping that even with limited time available for hands-on tutelage, his players can understand the goals and objectives that will make them better equipped to make plays in his defensive system.
"I think it’s real important that you can break it down so that they can learn in concepts or packages so that if you have 75 calls it’s not 75 new things,” Grantham said. “It might be four new things. I think the players have done a good job of trying to understand our concepts of what we want.”
I also like how the new coach addressed speed on the field:
“The more you know about a system, and the more you know about your role and concepts, the faster you can play,” Grantham said. “Because it still gets down to players playing fast. We want be aggressive. We want to attack. We want to be relentless in our pursuit to the ball. We want to do those things, and I think it’s important the better understanding you have about what you’re supposed to do, I think, the better chance you have for success in that area. Really that’s the big thing is just making sure that players understand what we want systematically and what we want to get accomplished, but at the same time we want to play fast.”
Maybe it's just the I'm sick and tired of our crappy defense in me...or maybe I'm just too quick to love. But I'm having trouble not putting this guy on a pedestal before he even tests Mallett's arm...or Slurban's brain power...or Coach PahJammies' options.

Y'all help hold me in check. Cuz he had me at Hello.


BulldogBry said...

No can do. I'm one of the few that thinks the defense will go above and beyond expectations. No growing pains, no confusion, no "what-the-hell-was-that?". Just talented players where they're supposed to be, making plays and generally being bad ass. Grantham is from up here in SW Virginia and those that know football around these parts think the world of him. Tempering your excitement will have to come from somewhere else. Me, I'm ready to tackle my wife, kids and neighbors.

Ollllddude said...

I am not going to be much help holding you in check, either. It's not that I think we will be perfect, but I am convinced that we have the athletes to get it done. I fully expect us to get burned some - maybe even one or twice a game - but unless that one goes the distance, I also fully expect us to make up for it on the next play or two with a sack, a fumble recovery, or an interception. I believe we have the right secondary for this defense. We probably have the right linebackers (although it is hard to tell since it is all so new, I am going on perceived athletic ability). Biggest question mark is the Tyson-Geathers-Anderson experiment. The good news there is that there are three pretty stout folks to choose from; I think one should rise to the top before we get to Jax. I also think/hope that Kiante Tripp will wreak some havoc coming off the edge. One thing I think you can count on is that we will have a good idea after the SC game.