Saturday, July 10, 2010

The "Peacemaker" Gets Turbulent

It's been a few we go again.

Dontavious Jackson and Tavarres King arrested. Ironically, the Red and Black broke the story on the "Peacemaker".
Dontavius Deshawn Jackson, a redshirt sophomore tailback, was arrested and charged with a host of charges early Saturday, including DUI, leaving the scene of an accident and underage possession of alcohol. Split end Tavarres King was arrested with Jackson, charged with underage possession of alcohol.
Clearly, King getting in trouble hurts the team more being at a position where experience is lacking. But the bigger issue is this: after the Jordan Love absurdity, UGA police were finally being seen (by more people than just us) as too ambitious in their enforcement of law around campus. This kind of crap hurts that public opinion.

And more importantly can hurt innocent people. Doesn't anyone use taxis anymore?


JenniferfromLaJolla said...

I am stunned. Cannot believe that given the news of the past two weeks that these two would think it was a great time to go out, drink underage, drive drunk and "leave the scene of an accident." I don't care how old they are, this is just plain STUPID. If you are that reckless, that dumb, that lacking in common sense, do you really deserve the honor of playing for the University of Georgia?

No wonder Mark Richt is losing his hair!!

Ally said...

I'm stunned that people are still stunned that teenagers do stupid stuff in college, especially at a party school. Really? You're stunned?

It sucks, yes. It's embarrassing, yes. It's irresponsible, yes. But it's certainly not earth-shattering news.

And let me know where to find these perfect teenage recruits who are excellent students & also 4-5 star elite SEC caliber athletes that "deserve the honor of playing for UGA." Oh that's right, they're all at Vandy....

Good grief.

Bernie said...

I think the frustrating part for fans is UGAs policy against this stuff is one of the strictest in the nation while many competitors are still able to just shake their finger at the kid. While CMR might get (irresponsibly) lambasted by the media, we understand that he's doing about everything he can.

Today I know these two things: Jackson definitely does deserve to play for us, but he also deserves a serious ass kicking (my personal suggestion would be Boling). Last I heard, he was still sitting in ACC jail. So maybe his parents are letting him marinate.

As for CMR, IDK...if I were him maybe I would take this chance to go beyond the 10% policy. We know he can't afford to lose much more hair.

Anonymous said...

Remember this will be Dontavious' 2nd offense. He missed the Mich.St. bowl game 2 years ago due to a "smoking" violation I believe. It would not surprise me if he were dismissed from the team. Between his productive G Day game and his "peacemaker" label, I thought maybe he'd turned it around, I guess not.

Cabs are cheap in Athens, use em' kids!

Bernie said...

I don't recall him missing the CapOne Bowl for a violation (that was his redshirt year right?), but I have heard there's been at least one other alcohol related offense that wasn't public. If so, it definitely puts his future in Athens in doubt given CMRs history with second time offenders and the seriousness of these charges.

JenniferfromLaJolla said...

Ally, is there a reason you can't respond to my comments without being rude? Take your meds.

AthensHomerDawg said...

Jackson gone for 6 games
King one game.