Friday, July 30, 2010

Trivial Update - Amp'd Up!

#ThursdaysRTrivial ep 53 is coming up right after this PSA: Sex in an Italian restaurant's booth is for meatballs.

#ThursdaysRTrivial episode 53 "Walker is to Ground, as _____ is to Air" Good evening tweeps! It's the Twitter Twivia show coming to you live from Bernie's Tweetdeck. Who will break @Stuff_of_Legend 's three week streak?!? REPLY back your answer for a chance at a fabulous prize. I starred in football, basketball and track in high school to prove my athleticism. And while Herschel led the world in rushing in 1980, I led the team in receiving. Who am I?

If you didn't catch it earlier today, click here to get the third installment of my Dawg relic series of GATA. As I said this earlier this morning, it was hard finding web based information on Anthony Amp Arnold. But here's something from my own memory banks.

When I was 10, I went to a summer football camp at Cedar Shoals. Amp ran the receiving drills and one day my group was with him right before lunch. He said we couldn't break until someone caught a go route over the shoulders. That may sound harsh, but in Amp's defense we had pretty much sucked around all morning.

And naturally it was my turn. I ran as hard as my tired legs would take me then waited for the ball to appear from the sky. When it finally did, I was sure there was no way I would catch up to it. He had thrown it too well and I was absolutely positive I was too tired to find another gear. I tried...I reached...and I caught it!! The cheers were loud and the water was really, really cold.

So let's see how my tweeps handled their own go route:
DawgGoneBlog - @BernieDawg Lindsay Scott?
TNRLM - @BernieDawg Amp Arnold?
matthall5 - @BernieDawg: Amp Arnold#ThursdaysRTrivial
Rex_Robinson5 - @BernieDawg Prolly A.A.
There were various other tweets involving Italian restaurants and a television show named That's Incredible. But that's the gist of it. I would've gone with Kit's guess (yeh, that's Kit's newest handle. Follow him there as well if you're not already). Scott seemed the logical answer. But Amp outgained him. By season's end Arnold had collected a whopping 20 catches for 357 yards and four TDs.

Modest numbers, sure. But more than enough to make a Thursday trivial.

So, TNRLM hauls in a varsity Cedar Shoals letter jacket. Hope it fits. matthall5 catches a 1975 game ball from the Classic City Championship where Arnold returned 6 punts for TD and had 399 yards receiving as well as 32 tackles (not to mention that he drove the bus and directed the band at halftime)** for the Cedar Shoals Jaguars in defeating cross town rival Clarke Central 21-0. Rex...gets a plate of pasta primavera...

Lots of intrigue heading into next week's TrT show. Did Scott survive his date night with the wife? Can he get back into his trivial groove? Will Matt's Tweetdeck download finally put him into 1st place? Where's Ally? And who knows, maybe Karen Sypher will get another 15 minutes of fame...??

UPDATE: If you won't to get in on the action Reader, try this: how is it (albeit fictionally) that Amp could've driven the bus to a home game against CCHS...?? Hmmmm....

**stats embellished, but the score is for real!!!


Ally said...

Oh crap-i forgot about #ThursdaysRTrivial!! Sorry-i was too busy making out with my hubby :-/

What can i say, i'm a newlywed. It's what we do.

Scott said...

Ally - if you're lucky, that doesn't end in the newlywed stage.

We're coming up on 8 years.


Bernie said...