Saturday, July 24, 2010

Trivial Update - Chap Daddy Dollas

#ThursdaysRTrivial episode 52 is coming up right after this PSA: Gamers game on North Ave. Playas play on South Beach. Winners win 'tween the hedges.

#ThursdaysRTrivial ep 52 "Bolles = Winnersville" Good evening folks! It's the Twitter Twivia Show that's always welcome to disappoint...LOSERS!!! Shaun Chapas will be a key for the King/Ealey Connector getting to the second level this fall. And the former St. Augustine recruit had a HS coach who's won 6 state titles. What's the coach's name?

One of my favorite plays when the Dawgs get down inside the 3 is for Murray to take the snap, bury the ball in Shaun Chapas' belly and watch him dive/flop/lumber into the endzone. TOUCHDOWN!! TOUCHDOWN!! So much better than the toss freakin' sweep..but I digress.

It's always nice to reward a guy that rarely gets mention for the hard work in getting the other skill players to paydirt. Chapas has 1 career rushing TD and 1 career receiving TD; Munzenmaier has 2 rushing TDs. Let's hope those numbers more than double this season. Cuz those guys earn it.

And Chapas came from pretty good stock down in St. Augustine at Bolles HS. Corky Rogers is the state's all time winningest head coach and has six state titles*. All of this despite being a product of North Avenue. Impressive and more than deserving of a TrT shout-out to me. Here's how it played out:

A lot of contestants this week means the local bars ran out of dollar drafts. That or Golden Tee was broken. Either way, they were sitting at home watching their endless tweet stream flow by, waiting on Bernie to remember what day it was.

Anyway, so many played I couldn't fit em all into one screenshot. So the left one has the first to tweet, from bottom to top. Which means Scott (aka Stuff of Legend) is now on a three week streak and the new owner of a Bolles Bulldog coaching shirt and the actual clipboard Coach Rogers once used to motivate young Chapas one hot August.

And the rest of you get in line here and get your Bolles School t-shirt, plus...
  • Ally, here's a Twitter off button since your new husband's finally back in town
  • Alan - another six-pack of Terrapin. Hopefully this one stays out of the twins' reach.
  • Ben - a computer mouse to help you scroll up your Tweetdeck
  • Matt - you get a Certificate of Dependability signed by Yours Truly. Don't think we've ever had a player play this much without winning first place yet. Don't worry, your time's coming.
Angie, you get a new tennis racquet (it's both right and left-handed) and Paige you get a hunk of gargonzola. I think you know what to do with it.

The rest of you...42 more days until Chapas' first TD. Then we can all shout Chap Daddy Dollas! 

And...Go Dawgs!!

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* Mixed information about Rogers' state title total. First thing I read must've been old. Cuz this Bolles School website says he now has eight. My apologies to Corky.

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