Friday, July 16, 2010

Trivial Update - Woerner Picked a Homer

Cockadoodledoo!! #ThursdaysRTrivial episode 51 coming up right after this PSA: Orange juice after toothpaste is bad.

#ThursdaysRTrivial ep. 51 "Woerner the Returner" It's the Twitter Twivia show that's 13 interceptions shy of having 13 career INTs. REPLY back your answer for a chance at a fabulous prize. In 1980 versus Clempson, Scott Woerner returned a punt for a TD and an interception for 98 yards getting tackled just shy of the goal line. Who was the QB Woerner picked off?

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After all the posts related to alcohol, I've noticed more than a few GoogleAds related to sobriety lately. It's nice to know Google's concerned about me. If any of you have clicked on them, first of thanks for the monetary support. Second, the first step is admitting you read too much of my blog.

Hopefully a day of Scott Woerner eases some concerns. Most of all, I really appreciate the great comments. We had a couple readers who met Woerner the Returner on the floor of the old Omni (for you young whippersnappers, that's where the Hawks used to play) and we had a former schoolmate of #19's chime in as well. Obi's Sister says Woerner was just as awesome back in high school.

All in all I guess it was a good break from the fallout of Damongate and DJax leaving campus. Here's how it played out:

@BernieDawg Homer Jordan

#earlybirdgetstheworm RT @Stuff_of_Legend: @BernieDawg Homer Jordan

Thats what happens when @BernieDawg blog is one of your first stops in the am RT @The_Real_Paige:#earlybirdgetstheworm

RT @BernieDawg#ThursdaysRTrivial ep. 51 "Woerner the Returner" RR: HJ...

@BernieDawg Homer Jordan was the Clempsum QB...

Pretty impressive that Scott was able to beat out an oversleeping Dawg and a former teammate. Scott is the proud new owner of a subscription to a handful of better blogs than mine (and there's more where that came from). Appreciate the morning visits, but that's pressure my friend!

Rex gets a chauffeured ride up to Rabun County to visit his old teammate from yours truly (sure, there's an ulterior motive, but it's my gameshow...), Nama gets a cigar for being close and Paige...gets a new alarm clock. One of those sweet jobs with the LED display.

For the rest of you, who has even more interception return yardage than Scott Woerner?

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Obi's Sister said...

Thanks for the link. Go Dawgs!