Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday Headers - Ralphie's Revenge

Piping hot...cream or sugar?
  • I'll be glued to the television Thursday at 9pm to see if LeBron "Chess Pawn" James chooses Coach Fox's cap. I hear he has four years of eligibility!!
  • Seriously, if you actually watch the you feel like a bigger douche than the guys whose jerseys you wear?
  • Matt Hinton updates us on Seantrel Henderson, including a goofy pic of Coach Orgeron.
  • Couple that with the fact that Malik Jackson is transferring from sunny California to Rocky Flop (and Mitch Mustain...??) KiffyBaby's house of cards finally started to wobble?
  • Color me shocked (SHOCKED! I tell ya...) that the charges against Jordan Love might be dropped.
  • Remember when the nerds had a field day over the UGA SEC championship ring debacle several years ago? Well...this is gonna piss Ralphie off. (h/t AJCsportseditor)
  • Year2 looks at three things we do and don't know about Abuurn. Is it me, or does it look similar to what the Dawgs' would be?
  • Rex weighs in on Damon's downfall.
  • And Jimmy Cracked CornDawg welcomes Frank Crumley and also provides an endorsement for good measure.
  • Pennington takes a long route, but he arrives at a pretty accurate conclusion to the SEC hotseat talk, I think.
  • Simmons' tells us a top corner ($$) will be making a visit (and a decision) soon.
  • Lastly, there's a reason he's a Senator. This hit the nail dead center.

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